Publication Fees

Article Processing Charge

We are fully committed to advancing science at our region and also in the world; and for that reason, WE DO NOT CHARGE the author(s) either from the submission stage until their articles are published in the Acta Counseling and Humanities. 

Since Acta Counseling and Humanities has set the publication fee for free, thus all forms of fee waivers for author(s) are no longer applied.

We look forward with the author(s), and also the reader(s) for all the goodness of the efforts we have made.

The Printed Version

In case, the authors or other parties require the official print version of Acta Counseling and Humanities, there are exclusively price available at a reduced price.

Soft Cover Hard Cover
USD 20,95 / issue USD 35,95 / issue



Please note that the official print version based on your selected the journal issue, and the production process consuming up to two weeks.

The printed version costs excluding shipping to your location. Please send us an email stating your interest in printed copies. Our publishing assistant will serve you and provide further detailed information.