Focus and Scope

The primary purpose of the Acta Counseling and Humanities is to foster scholarly debate of academia for contribute their current knowledge, understanding, and responses on counseling, human behaviour, and social problems. The journal also offers an outlet for articles that support helping profession (counselor, psychologist, and social worker) in Southeast Asia and globally in line to:

  1. Present the aspect of social psychological processes;
  2. Demonstrate of Counseling and therapeutic process;
  3. Report the rights-based practice, approaches, and techniques, i.e assessment, interventions, consultation, supervision, training, prevention, and advocacy of society;
  4. Handling the social transformation and human problems in digital age, and:
  5. Boost the innovative programs and practices to promote ecological justice and peace, tolerance, nurture diversity, and uphold human rights.

The journal's objective is to fulfill this purpose through careful editorial review and publication of expert work, by creating legitimate dialogue in a field where a diversity of opinion exists, and by providing a professional forum for interaction of these views.

(Updated: 08 December 2020)